We try to provide as many ways as possible to pay your student fees through programs that generate credits in your student account.  We have many parents who have not paid any money out of pocket after their first year by using scrip or other fundraising opportunities (in the past there often was not time for new parents to generate enough credits to cover the entire cost of the first year).  Starting this year you can begin participating in our programs as soon as you are registered in our system (even if your child is still in the junior high).  Here are some of the programs that we offer.  For details on these programs, contact the coordinators listed in our contact list:

SCRIP (contact Sarah Martin)

This is one of the best ways to offset your fees.  Various businesses offer a percentage of your purchases credited back to your student account when you shop with them.  Locally most of our grocery stores and gas stations participate and may parents find that if they only use scrip debit cards for these two items they can cover their student fees. More Information can be found here.

Lucas Oil Stadium (contact Dan Coursen)

We and the Fishers band have an arrangement with one of the concession stands at lucas oil stadium that we supply parent volunteers to run the stand on game days and in return a percentage of their sales are credited to the student accounts of the parents who worked that day.  It is not unusual for a parent to be credited $80-100 for each shift they work. More Information can be found here.