What is SCRIP?

Scrip is a nationwide fundraising organization that sells gift cards for items we buy every day at a reduced price.  The band passes most of the savings to families through reduced fees.

Several YouTube videos are available to provide an overview:  Or, go to and find great information on how to use the program.


Getting Started

Go to and click on Join a Program.  To sign up and connect your account with the band, you will need an enrollment code (F18D18E68L16).  Once registered, check out the participating companies and place an order.  You will need to pay for your order with cash or check prior to receiving your cards.

Enrollment in PrestoPay will allow you to buy e-cards called ScripNow!.  It is safe and secure to connect your checking account to your Scrip account:



Contact your Scrip Coordinator, Sarah Martin, via e-mail at