Hello folks!

Listed below are the videos from the May 7th, 2019 Percussion Ensemble Concert. They have been edited and shortened to be individual videos.

Please feel free to share with friends and family that may not have been able to be there for the concert!

Click here to view the Concert Program PDF.

https://youtu.be/V2rCHb3LEQM - Aequilibrium Wind Symphony

https://youtu.be/v48ab081n8A - Continuum by Ian Briskey

https://youtu.be/GsHDIAXIjUA - CB 2nd Period Swingin Sultan

https://youtu.be/Fygh3XPIV1I - Red Rock Canyon by Alex Stopa

https://youtu.be/TDtKr3w_YP4 - Desert Sunrise by Alex Stopa

https://youtu.be/MAaLJnu5olM - Tentacles by John Willmarth

https://youtu.be/NqYLi0CsyCE - Wind Ensemble Syzygy

https://youtu.be/uVFFLL0O_I8 - 4th CB Close Your Eyes and Dream

https://youtu.be/0h-3QFRbKw0 - Danza Furiouso by Jonathan Ovalle (edited for time)


Mr. Coon