HIPE 2017/2018

Plans are well underway for this years Winter Percussion Season. Building on our momentum from the last two seasons, the staff is already hard at work designing an engaging and exciting show that will be a blast for both performer and audience member! The calendar for the 2017/2018 Winter Percussion Season is now ready. This is a preliminary calendar and is subject to change as logistics for the season are finalized. Per the 2017/2018 Band Handbook, Winter Percussion Ensemble is open to ALL interested percussionists.


Winter Percussion Updates

Winter Percussion Updates

On Thursday evening, HIPE performed the Way of the Warrior for the last time. We faced many challenges and obstacles throughout the season with sicknesses and injuries, so it was only fitting we face one more right before performance. After being caught in a down pour while transiting from the parking lot to the arena, and nearly losing our synth cart to a pond, the students soaking wet gave it their all one last time. Though there were slips and falls, the performance had energy and emotion. Although we did not advance to the next round, we are all proud of what we accomplished in only our 2nd year as a marching style ensemble. That evening we celebrated the season at City Barbeque. The next day we had an opportunity to take in the Air Force Museum, play games at Scene 75 Entertainment Center, and to watch the Independent World groups as well as A class Finals. A special thank you to all of the parents who made the trip with us and were there to help every step of the way. Another thank you to all of the parents who were there all season supporting their students and the group. Thank you to all of our seniors who have dedicated so much over the years, and congratulations to all of the students for your accomplishments this season. Now we look to the future as we prepare for RCG 2017!!

Alan Frye

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