A message from Greg Battas about the 2017 RCG Board

I am very happy to announce that at the last Guardians meeting we elected a
full board for next season.  This next season is my last and work is getting
very busy for me so I decided to step back a bit so that we can build some
continuity for the future.  Joel Robbins and Kevin Velpel have stepped up to
be president and vice president next year and I will serve as a co-president
which is an approach that other schools often use to allow graduating
parents to help with the transition to new leadership.  Fishers for instance
has co-president, co-vice president, co-treasurer, etc.   Joel has
demonstrated with his work on props that he has a talent for organizing and
getting people involved and I have seen Kevin be a solid leader running our
WGI event.  I am sad to see my time here coming to an end but I am excited
to about working with Joel, Kevin and the rest of the board this year to
have a great season that sets us up for the future.  Your Royal Guardians
board for next year will be:

President/co-president - Joel Robbins / Greg Battas
Vice President - Kevin Velpel
Treasurer - Tracy Watkins
Secretary - Melissa Shulman
Student Account - Jeff Miller