Car Wash Fundraiser August 12, 2017

The Booster Club is always looking to help families reduce the cost of participation.  On August 12, in leu of practice, the kids will hold a Car Wash.  Students will work in shifts (8:00am - Noon or 11:00am – 3:00pm) to wash cars in the HSE Parking lot (no rain date as the ticket is a donation if not used).
Last Friday (23rd) each student received 10 Car Wash tickets to sell for $10 each.  100% of the money collected from selling the 10 tickets is for the family, to offset your Band/Guard fee’s!  That should be an easy $100.  There is a limited number of extra tickets if your child would like to sell more than the initial 10 tickets.  Students are not required to sell any or all 10 tickets, but we feel it’s a great way for each family to offset expenses.
Thanks to our Sponsors (The Escape Room, Classic Cleaners, and Buffalo Wild Wings) for making this possible!  Please take advantage of their coupons on the back of the ticket.
More information to come on signups and if you have any questions you can email or contact your section leader.