Marching Band Fees - What's Next?

Thank you to everyone for diligently submitting your band fees this year.  Everyone associated with the band appreciates it!  Now, what's next for band fees? Those choosing the installment plan will have a payment of $280 due June 27. Those qualifying for the Free & Reduced program will have the $120 payment due on June 27 as well.

Below is a breakdown of payment options and due dates.

Parade Camp Only

  • $100 was paid by May 26th

Full Marching Band including parade camp

  • Early Bird Payment: $610 was paid by May 26th 
  • Installment Plan: $660 paid in three payments - $100 was due May 26th, $280 is due June 27th, $280 is due July 28th
  • Free & Reduced Plan: $120 for anyone who qualifies for Free and Reduced Lunch program is due June 27th

Add Marching Band after doing Parade Camp

  • Must have paid for parade camp already
  • If a parade camp member chooses to continue with marching band after completing parade camp, they must commit by June 27th so we can finish our drill design.
  • $560 paid in full by June 27th or in two installments: $280 by June 27th and $280 by July 28th.

If you have any questions, please email Jeff Miller at

Jeff Miller

Student Accounts Treasurer

Royal Guardians

HSE HS Bands - Parent Booster Organization