RCG Study Table is now!


Students in the RCG who earned a D-, or F in any class at midterm grades are required to participate in the STUDY TABLE / TUTOR program.  The basic highlights are:


Study Table is held at the main campus of Hamilton Southeastern High School. It meets every Tuesday and Thursday. The morning session is in the Lecture Hall (A136) and runs from 6:55 to 7:25am. The afternoon session meets in B133 and runs from 3:05 to 3:35.  You will not be admitted late, and RCG members are not allowed to attend Tuesday afternoon due to RCG rehearsals.  You must attend one session each Tuesday and Thursday. You are allowed only 2 absences. After the second absence a punishment will be assigned by your Director. 


If you have 3 absences from STUDY TABLE - you will be removed from the RCG!!


TUTORING:  If you are being tutored on a private basis with an adult, or attending tutoring sessions at school with a teacher or National Honor Society member, your obligation to attend Study Table may be met. You must provide written documentation to your coach/sponsor from your tutor that you are participating in tutoring at least one hour per week.  Those forms can be found in the guidance office hanging forms box, and in the bandroom on the info table.  Those forms must be submitted the day after your tutoring session to the Guidance office at the High School.  A teacher here at HSE can send an email to Mr. Davidson about your tutoring session as well.  We will NOT accept tutoring forms after the week you did your tutoring.


Please visit the HS Band website for more information and forms.  You may also contact Mr. Niemiec for more information.


Forms are attached:

Study Table Tutors

Study Table Memo For RCG