Orlando Trip Departure Meeting – Thursday, March 15th at 7:00pm

This meeting is MANDATORY for all travelers on the trip as well as a parent representative for each student traveler. Our Music Travel representative will be here to disseminate very important final information for the trip. We will also discuss rules/consequences if any behavioral issues were to arise. We will put students into chaperone groups and discuss protocol for checking in with your chaperone while in the parks, etc. We know that Color Guard and HIPE are both rehearsing during this time, so the students need to remain in rehearsal, but we need a parent to represent them at the meeting and get the information.

Each student will need to provide their own transportation to/from the airport for their flights. We will NOT be meeting at school or taking a bus due to the VERY EARLY arrival times needed at the airport. It is much simpler and more efficient to have everyone MEET AT THE AIRPORT READY TO GO FOR THE TRIP! Currently, one of the flights DEPARTS at 5:35am and the other at 7:50am! They are both Southwest flights. I am attaching the flight lists so that you know which flight you have been assigned to. GET EXCITED FOR THIS TRIP…IT’S LESS THAN 4 WEEKS AWAY!!!!

Audrey Torres


disney band rehearsal schedule.JPG

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