May 14, 2019 Special Election

Special Election Meeting 05/14/2019 

Audrey Torres and 12 parents in attendance 

The Candidates introduced themselves.  

Jill Halverstadt – Secretary.  Daughter is going to be a Junior and has been in Color Guard since 8th Grade.  Jill has been responsible for the Newsletter and helped in many other ways these past 3 years. 

Kim Weber – Vice President.  Son plays the saxophone and is one of the Drum Majors for this upcoming season.  Has helped a lot behind the scenes and is ready to be even more involved. 

Joann Kolesar – Student Accounts.  She was unable to attend due to family.  Older son graduated last year and had been in band.  Twins are currently in band – 1 in percussion and 1 plays saxophone. 


A motion was made to accept the board as presented.  That motion was seconded.  None opposed, Unanimous in favor of.   

Board is accepted 

Sheri Elfreich – President 

Kim Weber – Vice President 

Jim Pearce – Treasurer 

Jill Halverstadt – Secretary 

Joann Kolesar – Student Accounts 

May 8, 2019 Call-out


  1. What to bring to every rehearsal starting at our July camp –

    1. dot book (a set of spiral bound notecards – can be found at the dollar store or anywhere else) that can be attached to their bodies at EVERY REHEARSAL (with a string or by using a fanny pack)

    2. construction crayon or sidewalk chalk for marking their sets on the pavement

    3. large water bottle

    4. tennis shoes

    5. comfortable, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing

    6. sunscreen, hat, sunglasses

    7. binder with sheet protectors for music

  2. Interest Survey:

  3. Calendar: COMPLETE 2019 RCG SEASON SCHEDULE (with times!)

  4. Budget will be set next week after our special election (5/14/19), which will determine fees (MB budget is about $125k and none of that comes from the school district so we must use fees and fundraising to cover it.)

  5. $200 deposit and registration will be due the week of May 28-31

  6. Introduction: New Board Members

    1. President - Sheri Elfreich

    2. Treasurer - Jim Pearce

  7. We need volunteers!!! For committees such as uniforms, food, chaperones, props, transportation logistics, etc. Sign-up sheets were available.

  8. Fees – How can I cover my fees or contribute toward my fees by using Scrip, Ruoff, etc.?

  9. Parents! Be around, be involved! Come watch Thursday nights during stadium rehearsals. Come support at contests. CHEER FOR OUR HARD-WORKING KIDS!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!

Audrey Torres